With the development of high technology, manufacturers allow user to control every household equipments from microwave oven to the weeding machine through cellphone APP. In 2016, the customers pay more attention to the smart home technology. After analyzing the past year’s data, British retailer John Lewis’ website reported: the smart home product search volume increased by 670% and sales revenue increased by 81%. British Media has listed the four most popular smart home security products as below.

top 4 popular smart home products

1.Philips Hue Smart Light

Over the past year, the search volume of John Lewis’ website Philips Hue about smart light bulb has surged of 207%. Hue smart system allows you to change the brightness and color of light bulb through the phone App , you can change the color and brightness to fit the film, games and music scene .The Hue system can not be used with other ordinary light bulbs. Obviously the system is not cheap, the Philips smart light bulb starter kit requires a £ 149, including three E27 or GU10 lamp bulb. If you think you’re spending too much on a bulb, buy an LED bulb at Best Buy, starting at £ 5 each.

2.Nest Learning Thermostat

The sales volume of Nest smart thermostat on John Lewis’s Web site increased by 30% over last year. Like other smart thermostats, consumers can control home heating with a smartphone. Nest said the temperature controller has a motion sensor that can detect whether the user is at home or not in, adjust the temperature accordingly, users do not even need to open the App

3.Dyson Pure Cool Link “Air Purification Fan”

The website data on John Lewis shows that another very popular smart home products is Dyson Pure Cool Link air purification fan. Dyson says the expensive air-purifying fan removes most pollen, mold, bacteria and odors from the room. The user may also transmit the air quality data collected by the air purifier fan to the smart phone. At the same time, users can also remotely monitor home air quality, set an air quality target for Pure Cool Link to complete. If the home also has Pure Hot + Cool air purifier heater, the user can also use the App to set the target room temperature.

4. Smart Home Security System

The smart home security products, like wireless monitoring cameras, are another products which more and more John Lewis customers will buy, these cameras can keep monitoring your home safety when you’re not at home. They can detect any movement in the house, recording intruders fragments, advanced camera even has the face recognition and two-way audio functions.

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