With the development and popularization of Internet of things, intelligent life is gradually changing people’s life. Facing varied smart home products in the market, are you thinking, what smart home will become after several years?

In future Life, Smart home will save each second for you. For example, once going-off work, the smart home system knows that you will arrive home five minutes later, air conditioning will open in advance and the indoor humidity instrument automatically increase humidification according to surrounding humidity. When you open the door, the lights and curtains automatically open. Lying on the sofa and softly saying ”I’m tired”, the intelligent lights next to sofa will light up with slight music…… Simple operation, well-known about the host’s habits, and sensitive reflection of the artificial intelligence  are the real features of smart home life.

More and more items and devices are being connected to the network. Expectedly, by 2020 the number of networking equipment will reach 50 billion. This figures measures the development and potential of the Internet of things. The ecosystem of Internet of things has been more into the application of daily life than people’s thinking.

In the future, smart phones will become an universal remote control at home. You can use the phone to control lights, TV, air conditioning, or even the water temperature from the faucet on the bath.

The so-called “housekeeping” is nothing more than these points: household appliances, water, natural gas is abnormal or not; Whether there is marked special symbols in gates to show there is intrusion or not,  security access control system, lighting control, curtain control, gas appliance control, scene linkage, floor heating system can be  linked together by a central controller. Moreover, people’s life experience in future will be improved a lot after the development of network and system integration.

If you have a smart home security equipment, all of these problems can be easily solved. Smart Alarm IP camera is a smart product without a computer connection . It can directly use the Wi-Fi network and match the mobile phone APP. Moreover, it can remotely monitor everything at home and support two-way communication, video sharing, alarm and other functions. It keeps house when you are outside! If there is an abnormal, you can immediately receive a notice from the security system in the kitchen, bathroom, smell set in living room, temperature sensors; When recognizing unfamiliar faces, warning is reported immediately by face recognition system at the door. It can monitor your doorstep 24 hours; Moreover, to dispel the idea of intruder, you can mislead him by remotely switching the “people at home ” mode.

Simply speaking, the development of smart home will be an equipment without using any other terminal finally. You can deliver your requirements through sense and expression.

Ansee is a professional smart home security system in China with over 7 years experience. Our system now can realize the basic requirements of most home, like alarm videos, alarm notification, turn on/off light, open/close curtain, lock/unlock door, etc.

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