How to choose home wireless router?

Now, SMART HOME becomes more popular and many home applications connect with WiFI. While to many people, what kind of wireless router can better meet the demand of home application? Many people are not very clear on this issue. So, hope this article is helpful.

Tips for choosing wireless router:

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  1. Brand

Obstacles and walls will directly affect the WIFI signal coverage range. Besides, The performance and quality of router and WIFI card will also affect the WIFI signal. Therefore, it is suggested to buy routers from well-known brands. In this way, it can assure good quality and after-sales service. Otherwise, after buy some un-certified high power consumption routers or routers produced by informal manufacturers, even there  is wall-pass function, the overlarge WIFI power would be bad for human health. Meanwhile, exaggerated WIFI will also lead to noise exaggeration. So the WIFI signal quality still can not be assured.

  1. Antenna

Antenna qty is not the key to wireless covering performance. After actual test, it is found that certain routers with 2 antennas is embedded with WIFI amplifier, and their WIFI coverage range is wider than several routers with 3 antennas. Therefore, when choosing router, do not judge the WIFI coverage based on antenna qty.

  1. Router Configuration

It  is important to know the router configuration details such as chip brand, chip frequency, cache and other parameters. Then you can see the router performance and its extension ability. Besides, you can see whether the router adopts advanced WIFI signal searching algorithm or not.

11N or 11ACWhich one is better?

Facing the increasing trend of Wi-Fi application, especially the rapid spread of online video and broadcast applications, traditional 802.11n router can not satisfy people’s requirements on wireless network quality. So 802.11ac becomes a standard for home network.

Compared to 802.11n, 802.11ac has below advantages:

  • Higher data transmission and longer battery life
  • Better transmission speed
  • Allowing more end-terminals to communicate with router

It is enough only having a good router?

Wireless router is the key to deliver WiFi signal, but it is enough? Absolutely NOT. In fact, WIFI Signal delivering is completed by “sending” and “receiving”. Although 802.11ac router can reach 1000Mbps at 2.4Ghz and even reach 2167Mpbs at 5GHz, if the WiFi card from terminals don’t support the same 802.11ac, there is no improvement on the signal transmission performance. Therefore, when upgrading WiFI router for your home system, please also find related WIFI card to matching related router.

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