What kind of devices are popular in smart home security system?

Smart Home is becoming popular. To a family, security is first important thing. Therefore, smart devices relating to security plays an important role in a smart home system. What kind of devices are common used in smart home system? Let’s see it from different angles.

Ansee Smart Home Security System

First, seeing from space, security on entrances like door, window and fence is essential.

Smart Door Lock: the door is an important access to the family. Generally, smart locks should solve the unlocking way first then security issue next. General speaking, smart door lock is much safer than traditional lock, as it supports real-time lock status monitoring, snapshot and anti-hacker.

Wireless Door Sensor Detector: Similarly, comparing with smart locks, door/window sensors are also responsible for entrance. The difference is that these products are active defense equipment, which can monitor the status of the sensor. Once the abnormal situation happened, users can receive relevant information through mobile phone even if he is outside.

PIR Motion Detector: It is responsible for the activities of the human body in certain spatial area. In addition, the PIR Motion detector not only can send the abnormal situation to the user’s mobile phone, but also usually support local alarm function.

Smart Camera: It is an important visual device in smart home system. Users can view the real-time home situation anytime anywhere through camera. Besides remote viewing, the smart camera also may support automatic patrol, two-way communication, multi-users sharing, infrared night vision, HD playback and so on.

Second, seeing from living requirements, “Fire, Gas, Water and electricity” are our basic living requirements. However, sometimes there are certain unstable issues that need monitoring.

Wireless Smoke Detector: It is used to detect the concentration of smoke. If the concentration exceeds the standard, it will give alarm and trigger push notification to the user’s mobile phone.

Combustible Gas Detector: The gas leak detector is mainly used for detecting the combustible gas concentration indoor, which is usually installed in kitchen to prevent the leakage of combustible gas due to artificial or other reasons.

Smart Power Socket: Timely charge /Switching power off/ Saving energy and Protecting environmentally.

In modern home, above devices can keep higher security level for family security and property security. To get a user-friendly experience, it is important to have integrated APP to control the whole system. Ansee, a security company with over 8  years experience, offers good products and APP. We have integrated IP Camera, Alarm System, Smart  Home and Access Control into one system.

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Ansee Smart Home Security System

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