Project Description

Model Name: BWR-01A

Wireless Combustible Gas Detector Alarm


  • Audible & Visual Alarm
  • Rolling code for anti-crack
  • Automatic Fault Detection Indication
  • Wireless communication with Alarm Host
  • Anti high-frequency interference
  • High Reliable Catalytic Gas Sensor
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BWR-01A is a fuel gas detector with high stability, used for checking the leakage of fuel gas and increase the safety. It adopts advanced catalytic gas sensor with high stability and sensitivity features. The detector supports microprocessor technology, it can trigger light and sound alarm, and remotely send related gas density value to alarm host by RF. It is suitable for areas where gas leakage may easily occurs. The gas detector can be used standalone, also can work as accessory in smart home application to realize remote alarm.

Model Name BWR-01A
Working Voltage AC100V~AC240V 50~60 HZ
Temperature 0℃~50℃
Humidity 10%~95% RH
Alarm Level First level alarm, 10%LEL
Alarm Reset Auto reset when the fuel gas is cleared
Alarm Format Audible & Visual alarm, remote alarm (work with alarm host)
RF Distance ≦30M (open area);
Radio Frequency 915MHz/FSK
Measurement 115*72*46.5 mm

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