Project Description

Model Name: PE-100

Wireless Siren Alarm


  • IndependentSuper sonic tweeter design with super louder alarm
  • Can connect with max. 32chennel alarm detectors wirelessly
  • Can connect with alarm host wirelessly
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PE-100 Wireless siren alarm connect with Ansee Alarm detectors wirelessly to realize linkage functions. It also can work independently. Its functions include anti-interference, anti-false alarm, anti-missing report, etc.



  • Standby Voltage:DC12V/500mah
  • Working voltage:DC7~15V
  • Wireless Frequency:Alarm Linkage Mode @915MHZ/FSK ; Standalone Mode @903MHZ/FSK
  • Wireless Distance:>50M (Open Area)
  • Standby Current:≤30MA
  • Alarm Current:≤300MA
  • Alarm Volume: ≥110DB

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