1. Performance between Door Sensor detector and alarm host is not satisfactory.
a. Installation environment of Equipment: Because Metal will affect the wireless signal, please avoid to install detector near metal objects such as metal door, metal walls, metal interlayer); If Door Sensor should be installed in metal door or window, please extend the connection cable to make signal receiver far from metal door or window.
b. Door Sensor Detector is in power shortage and please change new battery.
Remark: We recommend the distance between door sensor detector and alarm host within 30m in wide environment.

2. No response in alarm host after alarm is triggered.
a. Please check whether device is online, power and network cable is working.
b.Please check whether detector is bounded with alarm host and defense zone has been enabled.
c. Shut down and reboot the device.
d.If the problem still occurs after using the above treatment, it may be device problem and needs to send it back to factory for maintenance.

3. In normal close condition, magnetic lock opens lock automatically or wrong reports.
Please check whether the control signal cable of exit button and keyboard is buried in the same pipe slot with other 220V high voltage cable, which will affect the signals. Please Keep 2 lines parallel with a gap over 50cm.

4. If SD card space is full, will it delete all data at once or be overwritten?
Previous files will be overwritten by new files automatically.

5. Can we avoid or solve the problem that RF device would be shielded by shielding devices?
Ansee detector and alarm host adopts RF communication technology. There is a frequency change over 10k times within 1 second. So it can avoid that RF devices is shielded or cracked.

6. Does alarm host inspect its bounded alarm accessory automatically and give alert if any accessory gets problem like low power, broken or signal interference?
Yes. If there is any problem existed in alarm accessory, related problem information will be displayed in Ansee client software and app.

7. A delay on IPC.
Operational principle of IPC: Video capture–compression and coding–network package–switch transmission– access–decode and restore–video output . it causes a time delay for a necessary dealing time between code and decode.

8. The image color of camera outside is a partial red daylight and no video image in night.
it is caused by an incorrect switch of IR Cut set in camera. It can be corrected by followed ways:
(1)Correct camera with IR correction tool. Call customer service for consulting a usage method.
(2)Change a installation environment: the photosensitive resistance of camera should close to the brightness of its monitoring area. When the photosensitive resistance being illuminated by light , a daylight is judged as it causes a brightness reduction so that IR Cut switches incorrectly. Camera installation with a photosensitive resistance down can avoid a brightness effect in a complex installation environment.

1. Video can not be played successfully after an upgrade.
Please close all WebPages and search & delete files under contents of operation system. Access the web page and reinstall the web software. A trusted site should be added in IP address of IPC or address segment and security options should be adjusted by start or inform set if web can not be looked through .

2. Webpage fails to visit IPC after an upgrade .
Please delete caches of browser.
Open a browser→Chose “tool” → Click ”internet selection” →Click “delete files” →
Tick “Delete all offline content” →Confirmation →Re-login

3. can not be logged in by Users or WEB

Because Active X control software is prevented. when installing a WEB software, you should check IE browser set if a dialog is popped up to prevent installing.
Chose the Internet Option in IE browser→Select custom level and tick “Initialization and scripting for Active X controls that are not marked as safe” & download unsigned Active X controls→ Save and Re-run the IE browser
Moreover, please re-login after closing shielding software and personal firewall. Except the IE browser, please do not log in other browser.

1. Remote video play is slow
a. Normally, there is a short delay when using PC for video play in the first time as PC will check connection channel first. From the second time, video play in the same PC will be normal under the same network environment.

2. There is color cast in AX-360 video or video is black in the night after IR is on.
There is internal magnet at the bottom of camera, so please keep the magnet apart from camera lens area when install device.

3. Can not open camera’s Web server page in LAN.
a. Please assure whether there is any anti-virus software in your PC that stop the webpage access. If yes, please turn it off and re-access webpage.
b. Please check whether there is an IP conflict in LAN between the device and others.

4. Does camera support audio record?
Currently No. But it will be realized soon.

6. Camera image lost frequently and it recovers after a re-start step
Check if there is a reasonable lining structure. For example, distance of single line is too long and the cascading times of switcher is too many (generally, not more than 4 times)
check the camera version and upgrade it to a newest one.

7. Can we set defense set for different devices? If any alarm occurs, can display related defense zone information?
Yes. This is function is available in our system.

8. Can pre-record before a network disconnection?
Device can support a 24 hours record in micro SD card. If any alarm occurs, camera will be triggered to make pre-record video. Pre-record time can be set.

9. Whether can realize simultaneous 8 channels alarm videos upload in 1 ADSL and are the real-time videos smooth?
It depends on ADSL bandwidth, especially uplink bandwidth. about network uplink bandwidth, a recommended upload path is 4 in a 4M ADSL( except for a “fake bandwidth”)
10. Do the cameras support two-way audio communication remotely?
AX-360, AX-203, AX-203A, AX-403 support this function. Users can communicate with camera remotely through PC clients software or cellphone app.

11. Do devices support watchdog function? Whether devices will reboot after disconnection and crash or not?
Yes. Watchdog is embedded in the device.

12. Does PT Camera support Patrol function if alarm occurs?
Yes. If alarm occurs, camera will switch to preset position area.

13. Can files in SD card be downloaded and played remotely?
It can be supported under TCP mode. Files can be downloaded and played when front-end device is connected through P2P.

14. What streams does your camera support?
Our device support mainstream and sub stream. User can select suitable one according network condition.

15. IP address of camera can be searched by searching software. However, no video image after restarting NVR by adding the IP to the camera list.
Devices’ IP and computers’ IP is not in the same segment so that IP can be searched but no video image.
Check if there is an IP conflict between devices and other network equipment in LAN. is a conflict equipment
Monitor software of NVR is opened by other host In LAN

16. Network bandwidth requirements for Ansee360
Ansee360 supports both Smooth & HD mode in real-time video.
 HD Mode: Camera network uplink bandwidth should be over 30KB/S (above 1M ADSL), and cellphone downlink bandwidth should be not less than 30KB/S.
 Smooth Mode: Camera network uplink bandwidth should be over 120KB/S (above 4M ADSL), and cellphone downlink bandwidth should be not less than 120KB/S.
Remark: 3G/4G network is supported in APP. Please make sure the network condition is good when watching video.

1. Poor image and delay in cellphone app.
User can choose HD or Smooth Mode according to your network condition.

1. No video image after camera is connected to the LAN
a. Please check if power supply is well connected . Normally, a power indicator light of firearm bolt in back panel is bright when charging normally. Moreover, a IR led will be on when IR photosensitive resistance is covered by IR machine and a switching sound of IR cut can be heart
b. Check if the IP address of camera can be pinged successfully. If no, check the connecting condition of network and see if there is a default in cable, network card or crystal head

2. No camera video in intranet
a. Please make sure PC and device are connecting to the same router.
b. Please check whether network cable is good or not.
c. Please check whether network cable is well-connected and signal light is on or not.
d. Please check whether device self checking has completed or not.

3. Device is online, but unable to watch the video or read the network parameters.
a. Devices’ IP and computers’ IP is not in the same segment or not in the same router, please check the router settings.
b. There is an IP conflict between devices and other network equipment in LAN.
b. Slow uplink bandwidth in camera and download bandwidth in PC will also lead to delay in video play, at least 64KB/s is required.
c. Please activate “UPNP” in router settings.

4. Intranet device connection is not stable, sometimes go offline, or device is offline and network indicator is off.
a. There is IP conflict in the same LAN. Please modify the camera IP and ensure that it does not conflict with other network equipment.
b. Cable quality is not good. Normally, please use better network cable like UTP CAT 5 cable to connect Ansee devices with Router (especially considering a longer transmission distance).
c. Network cable connector is not made properly or its quality is not good. Please remake it or replace a new one. Please follow 568B standards:
 Orange & White – 1
 Orange – 2
 Green & White – 3
 Blue-4
 Blue & White – 5
 Green- 6
 Brown & White – 7
 Brown – 8
d. The transaction distance is too long and signal quality becomes weak. Please add switch as relay if transaction distance is over 100m.

5. Device is online in intranet and offline in internet.
a. Please set internet DNS address not intranet.
b. Please make sure router is connecting to internet.
c. Please check whether router has been set MAC address filter or MAC address limit.
d. Please make sure device has been registered in server and user name has been added.
e. Please make sure server address is correct.

6. Can not add AX-360 successfully through microwave, or device is still offline and there is no video after adding it.
a. Please check whether the WIFI account hiding a SSID or a Chinese SSID which are not supported by Ansee devices. Special code should not be included in WIFI password. Do set pretty complicated password which will affect camera receiving microwave signal.
b. Insert PIN to [SET] hole and add camera through microwave within 3 minutes. After times out, please reinsert and add camera again.
b. If video play is still not working after a successful device adding, please check whether MAC address is filtered in router or DNS is correct from internet operator.
C. If WIFI is from a second router, please check whether DNS is correct there.

7. Signal light is off in the alarm host
a. Please check whether RJ45 port is connected and plugged properly. Moreover, please make sure whether network cable connects to router or switch. Besides, network cable should be in good condition.
b. Please check whether router is power on well.

1. Cautions on the test of IR machine.
Use a high quality camera lens as a test result can be affected by the quality of camera lens
(2)Non-monitor is applied when displaying and over 600 paths cables are required.
(3)Infrared reflection can cause a partial light in local in a no light environment . For example, shooting distance will be shortened as IR will be absorbed in a grassland environment

2. What trouble will occur during the use of the camera? How to solve it?
(1)A fuzzy image. So change the focal length.
(2)A partial image. So change WB in menu.
(3)No video signal. Check the power supply or test plug-in. if no effect, camera damages.
(4)Image interference. Check the interference of power supply part and transmission cable
(5)A darken image. Check if there is an oxidation on video portal and make sure if there is a reliable physical connection between video portal and cable.
(6)Image flicker. It is caused by the control of auto-iris

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