Warranty Period: 1 year (12 Month)

Availability: ONLY to Authorized Partners

Warranty Start Date: Ansee Warranty Period will take effective on the date of Commercial Invoice or Tax Invoice or 30 days from the date of shipment, whichever occurs first. All warranty claims must be submitted before the expiration date of the warranty term.

Warranty Range: Upon the occurrence of a Hardware system failure, Ansee will repair or replace such product hardware within 15 working days on receipt of the failed hardware. The hardware product must be shipped to Ansee and the shipping cost must be pre-paid and Ansee is not liable to any shipping cost.

Warranty Limitations: This warranty will only be upheld upon the proper use of the Ansee hardware and shall not apply if the hardware has been modified without Ansee’s written approval, if the serial number of hardware has been removed or if the product(s) has been damaged or impaired in any ways, including but not limited to lightning, surge, water or malicious damage. This warranty is in lieu of all other rights, conditions and warranties. Ansee makes no warranties or representations, either express or imply, with respect to its products or documentation, including their quality, performance, merchant-ability, or fitness for a particular purpose.

Repair of products under warranty: All products returned for repair within the warranty period will be repaired or exchanged free of charge provided:


  • Before sending back the products, please contact our sales team to get RMA first.
  • The product(s) are returned to Ansee Company within the warranty period.
  • Provided that the defect is not a result of accident, misuse, neglect, alteration, water damage, lightning damage, voltage surge damage or other improper use.


Non-warranty repair or exchange of products: Products returned for repair are only available on currently manufactured products and provided that the cost of repair does not exceed the cost of replacement. In the case when a product cannot be repaired, we will notify partner and wait for partners’ further instruction. If products are out of warranty period, we will officially quote partner detailed maintenance charges.


Shipping: Partner is responsible for delivering products to Ansee and We are responsible for the shipping charges of sending back to partner.

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