Privacy Policy

For this Privacy Policy Wolf Winner may be referred to as “Casino”, “Site”, “Company”, “Platform”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”.

Wolf Winner uses a variety of methods and techniques to obtain a variety of info through the site. We use a variety of info about identifiable individuals, including:

  • Customers;
  • Users of our site;
  • Other stakeholders.

This privacy policy together with the general terms and conditions available on our website. It explains the methods by which the info is collected, how it is stored, and for what purposes Wolf Winner uses it. 

If after reading the guidelines regarding the privacy policy you still have any questions, you can always contact our online support team.

Privacy Policy at Australian Wolf winner casino

By setting up a gaming account at Wolf Winner Casino you are consenting to the transfer and handling of confidential data. If you do not want this info to be shared, you will not have to enter it on the site. If you do not provide this info, you will not be able to use our casino. 

If you continue to use our platform, you will be deemed to have accepted this privacy policy.

A version of this policy has various translations in other languages available on the platform. In the event of a dispute, the English version of the document will take precedence. 

Here are the basic principles of personal data processing:

  • Processing must be carried out in a lawful, fair, honest, and transparent manner;
  • Personal data should only be collected for defined and legitimate purposes;
  • The collection of data must be adequate, relevant, and limited to the purpose for which it is collected;
  • The data provided must be up-to-date and, where necessary, updated. 
  • All data transmitted must be adequately protected; 
  • The data provided must not be disclosed to third parties, except as required by law;
  • Data subjects have the right to request access to correction or deletion of the data provided.

confidential data of Wolf winner casino players

What information does Wolf Winner collect?

Information the Wolf winner casino collects: ID, payments data, Address verification, phone calls

Registration details

When you set up a player account at our casino, we collect aggregate data from all of our new players. This data includes:

  • Email address;
  • First and last name;
  • Birth information;
  • Player’s gender;
  • Physical address;
  • Mobile phone numbers and more.

Government-issued ID

Sometimes our security service requests a photo or copy of your original ID card. This type of information is required for some of our service features.

Payment information 

For you to play for real money, make purchases and fund your game account, we need to get financial information from you. We require your credit card and bank account information.

Address verification

For us to verify your registration, we need your address verification information, which cannot be older than 3 months. This is usually a picture of your utility bill.

Your device details

We collect certain digital identification data to verify your identity as a gambling account holder. Typically this will include: 

  • Software and Hardware;
  • Unique device identifiers (IMEI, MAC address);
  • Player IP address;
  • Geographical location data.

Voluntary information

We also collect information that is provided voluntarily. Such information is gathered from responses to a message or through various player surveys.

Phone calls

To evaluate the quality of the support service provided and to improve your security, all calls are automatically recorded.

Information we receive from third parties

We collect information from third parties to verify the information you have provided. All casino players are checked for fraudulent activity at other casinos and credit history. This information helps our security team weed out cheaters and unscrupulous players.

Technical information

To ensure the best possible gaming experience at our casino, we collect technical information from your device. We obtain the following information: software, browser type, operating system, language preference, access times, and more. This information allows us to individually enhance the functionality for each player.

Device and connection information

For security purposes and to weed out cheaters, we may monitor players for the use of malware and scripts that increase the chances of winning. Such information also allows us to identify players who try to change their location by changing their IP or VPN.

Gaming Information

We collect detailed information about player activity on the Wolf Winner Casino platform. We record:

Account transaction history

We collect detailed information about your financial transactions, regardless of the type of deposit or withdrawal. We also record the method by which you processed the transaction and the software that was used to do so.

How do we use the information we collect? 

We use the personal information that we share following this privacy policy. The information we share will only be transferred as required by law and to the limited extent necessary to achieve the purpose for which we need it. We will use the data for the following purposes: 

  • To set up your account and provide you with services; 
  • To provide you with information about our services;
  • To identify you for the use of certain casino features; 
  • To keep you updated with current information;
  • To promote our site;
  • To provide you with promotional offers;
  • To carry out research or analysis;
  • To maintain our services and to correct bugs;
  • To review irregularities and enforce our policies;
  • To monitor and investigate transactions for fraud prevention purposes;
  • To review specific elements of our business practices.

How Wolf winner casino use player information


We make every effort to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal and financial information provided. We use strong digital 128-bit SSL encryption security protocols. Once encrypted, all data is sent to a separate company server. Only trained staff members have access to the encrypted information and only to the extent necessary to achieve specific purposes.

Security at Wolf winner casino - SSL encryption

Changes in Privacy Policy

Wolf Winner Casino reserves the right to change the terms of this policy unilaterally and without notice to any player. All players will be notified of any changes or deletions as soon as they are made. Once notified, you will be able to visit this page to see for yourself the work we have done. If you are not satisfied with the changes, we recommend you contact our support or close your game account. Otherwise, if you continue to use the Wolf Winner platform, it will mean that you have agreed to the new policy.

Changes in Wolf winner casino Privacy Policy