Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions proposed herein constitute the complete and final agreement between the players and Wolf Winner. The terms and conditions referred to herein apply to Wolf Winner. 

You do not acquire any rights to personal commercial use of information provided on our Wolf Winner platform, such as text, graphics, games, concepts, and so on. 

By registering with Wolf Winner you agree to be bound by and comply with the terms and conditions of this section. Wolf Winner reserves the right to unilaterally restrict accounts that do not comply with this policy without explanation. For further clarification please contact Customer Service at any time.

Terms and conditions at Australian Wolf Winner Casino


General Terms and conditions at Wolf Winner Casino

English Version

Casino terms and conditions may be published in other languages, to make them easily accessible to players from different countries. In the event of a dispute between Wolf Winner and a player, the English version of the terms and conditions will take precedence over the non-English version. Such terms and conditions are subject to potential inaccuracies in the translation into the other language.

Real Money Games

Casino platform is a place of entertainment and recreation for players. Here you will not find any credits or loans. All games are played for real money or bonus funds, if available. For new players, demo modes are provided without spending any real money.

Promotional Offers

Casino reserves the right to change promotional games or bonus policies without prior notice to players. Wolf Winner also reserves the right to remove promotions and games from its range. Once changes have been made all players will be notified unless the newsletter is disabled.

Responsible Gambling Compliance

Casino provides first-class support and customer service, including the provision of responsible gaming. Wolf Winner’s Responsible Gaming Policy is designed to protect all players and every effort will be made to ensure this. However, Wolf Winner accepts no responsibility if a player has restricted access to gambling on other platforms and continues to voluntarily use the Wolf Winner platform.

Computer Failure

Casino accepts no responsibility for any computer or Internet faults that may occur on a player’s computer or Internet connection. Wolf Winner accepts no responsibility for the use by players of malicious scripts that may cause losses within the online casino. In the event of any dispute, priority will be given to information recorded on our servers.

Interest on Deposits

Casino is not a financial institution, therefore we do not pay any additional interest on deposits.

Email Notification

By opening an account with Wolf Winner, all players acknowledge receipt of promotional offers and various email notifications. Any player may opt-out of receiving email offers at any time by contacting customer service or changing their account settings.

Use of Player Information

Casino reserves the right to use the names of major jackpot winners in our promotions, except where prohibited by law. When using a winner’s details all information relating to their account will be kept confidential.


Terms of Use of a Personal Wolf winner casino Accounts

Changing account details

The player is always responsible for providing only current and up-to-date personal information to Wolf Winner’s security team. The player must notify Wolf Winner’s security team or change the account details as soon as possible after the change has been made. If the player fails to do this when making a monetary transaction, he will not be able to make the payment.

Liability for incorrect personal details

Winner, its employees, officers, directors, licensees, distributors, and all agents are not liable for any financial loss caused by incorrect contact details when making a withdrawal to your account.

Safeguarding of personal account details

The player is personally responsible for the security, safety, and non-disclosure of his account details to any third-party Wolf Winner. Wolf Winner is under no obligation to keep user names or passwords.

Account Access

Players are not permitted to disclose any Wolf Winner Casino account details to any third party. Players are also not permitted to allow any third party access to their online casino account to play games under their supervision. It is strictly prohibited to provide access to the Wolf Winner platform to minors.

Transfer of funds between accounts

Players are not permitted to make transfers between bank cards that do not belong to the player.

Buying an Account

The Wolf Winner platform strictly forbids the buying, selling, or transferring of game accounts in any way.

Account Cancellation (Restriction) 

Casino reserves the right to unilaterally, without prior notice to the player cancel, restrict, or terminate the account. Players who have unrealized funds in their accounts will have funds refunded to their debit cards or other payment methods. In the circumstances set out below, Wolf Winner reserves the right to block any accounts, void any winnings and confiscate any balance in the player’s casino account: 

  • Providing incorrect or misleading registration information;
  • Various bank card and gaming account details;
  • Having more than one account at Wolf Winner Casino;
  • Players cash out a bonus or promotion before the conditions are fulfilled;
  • If the player is underage;
  • If he gave the third party access to play in his account;
  • If the player has used the account for professional or commercial activities;
  • If a player uses third-party software to increase his chances of winning;
  • If it is discovered that the player is cheating;
  • If it is discovered that the player has been guilty of the previously mentioned items in other casinos.

Restrictions on new account sign-ups

The casino reserves the right to restrict new account registrations from certain countries. Wolf Winner does not accept players from the following countries: Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Hungary, India, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, UK and the United States of America. The list of countries is subject to change.

Account closing procedure

Account closing procedure for Aussies at Wolf winner casino

Speed up the closing process

Your Wolf Winner account can be closed at any time – to expedite the process, you will need to contact Wolf Winner Customer Service.

Withdrawal of Balances

Once a player has submitted a request to close their Wolf Winner Casino account, the funds in their account will be available for withdrawal via any convenient payment method.


Eligibility of Wolf winner casino players

Providing Information

Each player must be of legal age or older, as required by law, to play at Wolf Winner Casino. Each player will be required to provide proof of age.

Request for Documents

The casino reserves the right to request proof of identity without prior notice. This method is intended to exclude underage players from the game.

Policy Consent

All players acknowledge that Wolf Winner Casino is not for profit and is intended solely for entertainment purposes. The player understands that to play on the platform, real money must be used.

Liability to local legislation

Casino services are only available in jurisdictions where such services are not prohibited by law. Wolf Winner accepts no liability whatsoever if a player has obscured their location by using a different IP.

Banning Wolf Winner employees

All Wolf Winner employees, directors, managers, and immediate family members are prohibited from playing at Wolf Winner Casino.

Prohibited Providers

Certain providers offering their games at Wolf Winner Casino may restrict the areas in which they allow the use of their product.

Free Gaming

The casino platform allows players to have fun without using any real money. The demo mode, or free play as it is also known, is available to every player.

Deposit and gameplay

Deposit and gameplay at Wolf winner casino

The Intention to Play

Any deposit made to the Wolf Winner platform will be calculated as the player’s intention to bet and play in the casino. Should the player change their mind and wish to withdraw their funds, only subject to a minimum fee of 10%. Should such a situation arise, Wolf Winner will be entitled to withdraw the commission without notice.

Minimum Deposits

The minimum deposit requirement is $/€20 for any bonuses or free spins unless otherwise stated.

Cancellation of winnings

In the event of a hardware/software error or other malfunction by Wolf Winner. We reserve the right to void any winnings resulting from such incidents. In the event of a software failure, all bets will be voided.

Account Suspension

Casino reserves the right to suspend the accounts of players who misuse such errors/failures and any deposits and/or winnings may be voided.

Available Usage Currency

Players should consider their geographical region when choosing the currency to play in. The available currencies at Wolf Winner Casino are CAD, EUR, AUD, and NZD.

Cashouts and winnings

Cashouts and winnings at Wolf winner casino


Withdrawals will take a little longer to process than deposits. This is due to the thorough checking of each transaction by Wolf Winner’s security department.

Providing Information

As part of our licensing requirements, the player is required to provide Wolf Winner with the following documents for us to be able to verify them:

  • Passport, ID Card, Driver’s Licence;
  • Recent utility bill;
  • Copies of registered credit cards.

If the player fails to provide the required documents when requested or provides false documents, his account will be blocked and all winnings and payouts will be forfeited.

Verification process

To pass the verification procedure, you need to send the required documents to the Support department or login into your game profile, where you will find the “KYC” tab, and upload the required documents.

Withdrawal Timeframes

All withdrawal times are directly related to the client’s verification status. Missing documents will influence the time of withdrawal approval.

Waiting period

All requested documents must be submitted to Wolf Winner before the end of the waiting period. If the player is unable to provide the required details on time, the funds will be sent back to the player’s account.

Withdrawal of funds

Funds requested to be withdrawn on weekdays (Monday – Friday) will have a minimum wait time of 24 hours. During this waiting period, players will be able to withdraw funds back to their casino account free of charge. All pending withdrawals will be processed after the waiting period has expired if all requirements have been met. Withdrawals requested over the weekend will be processed the next day.

Minimum withdrawal amount

For Withdrawals, the minimum amount is $/€ 50 by bank transfer and $/€ 20 by other payment methods. You can view this information on the withdrawal page. The player is allowed to withdraw up to $10/€ 10,000 per week. If you withdraw more than this, the difference will be transferred back to your account.


The intermediary bank linking Wolf Winner and the player’s bank charges a fee of up to $35 for any withdrawal. These fees are charged by the intermediary bank, which coordinates with the beneficiary bank (the player’s bank) to facilitate international transactions. Please note that the bank charges its service fee and not the fee for our Wolf Winner Casino.

Withdraw welcome bonus

A player may withdraw the wolf winner welcome bonus only after carefully reading the wolf winner wagering rules and following them.

Blocking of Self-Excluded Players

Wolf Winner reserves the right to unilaterally block or remove the achievements of players who have self-restricted themselves from gambling or who have a gambling addiction.


Promotions and offers by Wolf Winner Casino

Extra Charges

Any promotions, gifts, or special offers offered by Wolf Winner Casino do not automatically include any additional charges such as taxes, registration, licensing, insurance, postage, or shipping unless expressly stated in the terms of the promotion.

Tax Liability

Wolf Winner will not assess any additional taxes on a player’s winnings. Each player is individually responsible for payment of any taxes due on their winnings, following the laws of their region/country.

Deductions and liability

It is the player’s sole responsibility to familiarise themselves with the standard terms and conditions of the promotion at Wolf Winner Casino. Each player must read the terms and conditions of the promotion and the rules of participation, as well as the rules of wagering.

Confidentiality and Disputes

Confidentiality and Disputes at Wolf winner casino

Disclosure of Confidential Information

Wolf Winner respects and values the privacy rights of each of its customers. Wolf Winner will not disclose or share confidential information with anyone except as required by law.


All data transmitted to Wolf Winner’s security team, as well as all monetary transactions conducted on the platform, are digitally encrypted using advanced SSL and TSL technology. These protocols ensure a high degree of data security between the player and Wolf Winner.

Access to the information received

Only specially authorized Wolf Winner employees will have access to transmitted data. We will hold the information submitted to us securely, safely, and confidentially.

Documents Provided

Any documents provided to Wolf Winner’s Security Department are for the sole purpose of correctly identifying the player who has registered an account at the casino and determining the legality of registrations and transactions.

Transfers and Disclosures

Wolf Winner may transfer or disclose any such records or personal information on the following grounds: 

  • As required by law to prevent and detect crime;
  • At the request of any governmental authority or by order of any competent court having jurisdiction;
  • When necessary to recover debts from unscrupulous players.


If players have any queries or complaints regarding results or games at Wolf Winner Casino, such queries or complaints must be submitted in writing within 14 days of the incident.

Differences in Results

In the event of any discrepancy between the results recorded on the software and the Wolf Winner server, the results recorded on the Wolf Winner server shall take precedence and be the determining information.

Money Laundering

Money Laundering at Wolf winner casino

Money Laundering Liability

Many countries where Wolf Winner Casino provides services have strict legislation which may require us to report such players to the authorities. Our security team will consider the account suspicious:

  • If you have funded your account with funds derived from illegal activities;
  • If you intend to disguise funds derived from illegal activities; 
  • You intend to use wolf Winner to facilitate criminal activity.

Taking Action against Money Laundering Players

Wolf Winner complies with regional laws, rules, and regulations to prevent money laundering and financial terrorism through illegal financial activities. If Wolf Winner suspects that illegal activity is taking place, the following set of actions may be taken:

  • Investigate suspicious transactions;
  • Immediately discontinue the service and cancel the results from the Wolf Winner account;
  • Wolf Winner will complete a suspicious transaction report and submit it to the appropriate authorities;
  • Suspend or cancel any pending activity on the account;
  • Provide any relevant information regarding such players to the group database.

Money Laundering Prevention Measures

Wolf Winner has the following measures in place to improve security and prevent money laundering: